Woodwork Finishing

Our  high-end woodwork staining and painting division offers full, on-site, interior lacquering and staining services. We can handle any project from a small railing or vanity to big custom homes and we can complete any new construction painting project in a timely manner at the highest quality.

Whether you are looking to paint/stain new woodwork, paint older kitchen cabinets or shade older golden/light color to a darker color, we have all the expertise and process to complete your project in a professional way.

All our coatings are the result of the latest technology available and we apply them using a sprayer that leaves no brush or roller marks.

We do custom color matches of stains, glazes, lacquers and paints.

We use:

  • Spray stains
  • Wiping  stains
  • Solvent, alcohol or water based stains
  • Pre-catalyzed  lacquers
  • Post- catalyzed lacquers
  • Hybride lacquers
  • Waterborne lacquers
  • Acrylic finishes
  • Glaze and specialty finishes


We  apply our finishes with

  • airless sprayers
  • conventional spray guns
  • airless/air assisted sprayers
  • pressure pots
  • HVLP

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